Hello, I am the creator of Arte es Medicina. My name is Diana Morales. I am originally from Santa Cruz Tanaco (Tanguarekua) in Michoacan, Mexico. I am a Purepecha artist with roots watered in Santa Ana, California, ancestral Tongva territory.

Arte es Medicina is my offering to you and to my community. I create to remind myself, my family, my community and Purepecha relatives in diaspora that we are still here. With our seeds, with our language, with our knowledge and with our strength.
I create to make our existence as indigenous Purepecha people visible.

To celebrate and honor our living culture.

To celebrate and honor our roots.

To celebrate and honor the teachings of our elders.

To celebrate and honor our collective memory.

Art has been my medicine and I deeply believe creative work is powerful and sacred. Reimagining our world and strengthening our collective memory through visual art is medicine.

I am a community artist guided by those who came before me and the generations that will come.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me.

You can also visit my Instagram page at @arte.es.medicina to see my current artwork and projects.